Who we are The founders of Thinkers Consulting

Gabriele Pezzini

“Vision Seeker.” A true visionary is one who has the necessary perception and creativity skills to engage problems of all scales, from the fundamental to the complex, years of experience in design, product development, and creative problem solving have shaped Gabriele’s unique vision and sensibility. Gabriele’s singular ability to project solutions or scenarios into the future and evaluate their potential in a comparative manner makes him an invaluable resource to the teams he manages. Each new project presents a complex equation of context and objectives, challenges and goals, and Gabriele evaluates the entire problem set from competitive landscape to team resources and assets, envisioning an approach that will identify an optimal path forward. Gabriele is our project theorist, former director of design for Hermès, as well as an author, speaker and international creative consultant since 1993.

Corinne Poux-Bernard

“Harmony Hunter.” Among the most crucial components of successful cross-functional development efforts is establishing a truly collaborative environment. An empathetic approach to managing multiple disciplines requires a lucid understanding of the goals and concerns of each function within a team, one that allows for the appreciation of the details that constitute the difference between execution and excellence. Corinne’s broad experience in all aspects of development, marketing, and communications come together synergistically in the crucial role of “Harmony Hunter.” Corinne’s wealth of experience in the management and organization of luxury businesses, specifically in research and innovation, enables her to expertly advise companies seeking new opportunities. Combining an Executive MBA from HEC with twenty years at Hermès, culminating in her role as Innovation Director, Corinne cofounded Thinkers Consulting with Gabriele Pezzini in 2012.